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Reducing dependence on conventional sources of electricity with our Solar Energy Products.

About Us
Sunflare Solar Pvt. Ltd., is a company that has been pioneering the solar products industry with its Solar LED Street Light, AC LED Street Light Luminaries, Solar Home Lighting System, Solar CFL Home Light and Solar Charge Controller. We are a renowned Manufacturer and Supplier known for our dedication to provide customers with cost effective solar power solutions. When analyzing the requirement of each customer, we calculate their energy consumption and the savings they can get from a solar power system. The next step is to demonstrate the effectiveness of solar products to lower the energy costs of the client. In order to maintain a lasting relationship with all of our customers, we provide prompt support if our customers face any issues with our products and make certain that normal functioning is restored at the earliest. The satisfaction of our customers is the first and foremost objective of Sunflare and we believe that by providing the best products and services, we can emerge as a global brand known for quality. 

How Solar Power Works
The use of photo voltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity is known as solar power. This electricity can be stored in battery packs and then used to power homes and offices. Solar power is a renewable source of energy that causes no harm to the environment. The various steps involved in the production of electricity in products such as Solar Fans and Solar CFL Home Lights from sunlight are as follows:
  • Photons or packets of energy from sunlight get absorbed by photo voltaic materials.
  • Each panel consists of conductors and silicon that converts sunlight into DC current which is converted into AC current and then used in homes.
  • Additional electricity produced by each panel can be fed back into the grid and clients can make money.
  • Whenever requirement of clients reaches a level more than what is being produced by the system, electricity is drawn from the grid.
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